Senate Education Committee hears recommendations on streamlining trainings, professional development

On Wednesday, the Senate Education Committee met to hear invited testimony about adult education and teacher workforce issues related to continuing education and professional development.

The committee heard from members of the Teacher Workgroup, an effort by the Lt. Governor’s office that brings together a broad array of stakeholders, including Texas AFT, to streamline training. The group created a list of recommendations for continuing education reform which would make trainings less redundant, less time consuming, and more meaningful to allow for teachers to seek other professional development opportunities to progress their careers. Included in the recommendations is a clearinghouse that would facilitate a clearer understanding of what is required of educators and the frequency of each requirement.

The group will release the final list of recommended changes in November. The Senate Education Committee expects to hold one more interim hearing before the start of the session, however, no subject matter or date has been announced.