Education Austin wins substitute pay agreement

Education Austin has won a historic consultation agreement for Austin ISD teachers and teaching assistants: Teachers and teacher aides will now be compensated when they substitute for classes or when they split classes because district substitutes are not available.

Teachers and TAs will be paid as follows:

  • $15 per period, not to exceed six periods per day at the secondary level
  • $90 per day at the elementary level. It has been recommended that this amount not be divided by more than three.
  • TAs assigned to Special Education should not be used as substitutes during teacher absences, unless the TA is already assigned to support a teacher through an inclusion model.

The union reached the agreement through elected consultation, a process where district policy allows for the election of an organization to negotiate directly with administrators for salary and workplace issues. Agreements are then supported by the administration and forwarded to the School Board for approval.

View the full agreement here

Pictured from left: Education Austin organizers Gail Buhler, Matt Inman, and Stephen Wright.