Dinner on us or free books to thank teachers, nurses and other public employees battling through the pandemic

We have an incredible appreciation for the educators who are finding innovative ways to teach in this new and ever evolving, COVID-19 remote learning environment, and our nurses and healthcare professionals and public employees who are working on the frontlines right now, risking their own lives and health to keep us safe and essential services operating. We already held these heroes on a high pedestal, but now that pedestal is standing on top of Mount Everest (in isolation, of course).

Help the AFT and Share My Lesson celebrate these heroes for the upcoming teacher, nurse and public service appreciation weeks. Your message of thanks will enter your nominee to win dinner, on us, or books from First Book, our treat. We’ll select 75 winners. It’s easy to nominate a hero (or enter yourself): Go to http://sharemylesson.com/thankahero to send your thanks.

How to participate

You can nominate a hero of your choice to win dinner or books on us by sending a video, image, or message that includes your thanks; or you can enter yourself by sending a message to your students or community on how you miss them. Enter here.

Fifty winners will each receive a $100 gift card to a local restaurant of their choice, and 25 winners will get First Book gift cards for free books.

Finally, please watch this inspiring message of gratitude from American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten.

View the terms and conditions. Sweepstakes ends May 15. The first of two drawings will be held May 11. Good luck, and thank you!