11月19日, 2021: Members save thousands erasing student loan debt; Locals in high gear with vaccine clinics; Vote in HISD race

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Masked man in blue shirt with gray cap waits for masked woman filling vaccine syringe at PSJA vaccination clinic

Local unions kick into high gear with campaigns urging vaccinations at free clinics

BET8平台登录会员 local unions have been holding dozens of free 新型冠状病毒肺炎 and flu vaccination clinics the past month, 允许5-12岁的学生注射, 他们计划更大力度地推动儿童接种疫苗.

Most of the clinics are staffed with union-member and school-district volunteers in partnership with health organizations.


我们的大山谷工会(麦卡伦, 洛杉矶的情况, 爱丁堡, PSJA, and Brownsville) have vaccinated hundreds of students and family members in the past month, 计划开设更多诊所. 许多诊所还为参与者提供免费披萨.

埃尔帕索的罗尾周一举行了第11个疫苗接种诊所. 17500美元的拨款 FirstBook 这也意味着参加诊所的学生可以得到免费的书籍. “We know the safest way to have everyone in a classroom is to ensure that every student, 老师, 家庭成员接种疫苗, so we are excited about now offering vaccinations to the younger kids—while also giving them the gift of new books,维罗妮卡·埃尔南德斯说, 罗尾总统. “Our clinics are a great way to get the whole family motivated for vaccinations.”



在船尾 其诉讼解决 公共服务贷款减免(PSFL)计划, members started seeing big results in their efforts to erase student loan debt. AFT member Jeri O’Bryan said she was able to wipe away $73,000 in loan debt with the program. “There’s a huge weight coming off my shoulders because of the work of AFT,”她说.

O’Bryan-Losse said that because previous attempts to navigate what was a cumbersome process, many 老师s and other public-service employees have been hesitant to try again. “You need to understand that although you may be traumatized by the process you went through before, 你现在可以得到帮助了,”她说.



Voters believe pay for 老师s and support staff are a key issue in upcoming Houston school board runoffs.

Educators have the chance to support three candidates that have ALWAYS stood up for increasing school employee salaries.


The best Holidays gift you can give yourself this year is to vote for bosses that will respect you and support salary increases in the new year. 我们邀请您成为2021年的选民! Check out our page discussing the upcoming school board races and make sure to vote the Monday after Thanksgiving. 点击这里了解更多BET8平台登录会员选举的信息.

Take action to help fund the 社区学校模式 for campus improvement

BET8平台登录会员 has been a long-time innovator and leader in implementing the 社区学校模式 这从整体上支持了陷入困境的学校. 现在,我们有机会看到这个项目的巨大发展.


The White House and Congress have proposed a historic level of funding for full-service community schools—$443 million, 哪个大于1,比去年增长了200%. 然而,这笔资金尚未得到保证. This is a pivotal time for community schools, and we need to keep the momentum going. 给你的立法者发一封网上的信 and urge them to include $443 million for full-service community schools in their appropriations bill!


本周,乔·拜登总统签署了这项协议, the $1 trillion infrastructure bill will provide funding for improving the nation’s roads, 桥梁, 港口, and a host of other badly-needed projects—including some funding for rural schools. 然而, wrangling over the price tag ultimately left a proposed $100 billion for school campus modernization out of the final package. Still included, however, is funding for electric school buses at $5 billion over five years.

The loss of proposed infrastructure funding means passing the Build Back Better plan is more important than ever. 扩大学前教育和医疗保健选择, the plan would form a solid foundation to reinvest in our country and bolster opportunities for working Americans. 但是, “重建得更好”的新框架 需要你们的帮助才能通过国会. 参观“重建得更好” 网站.  BET8手机登录网址你在国会的代表 来支持这个计划.



圣安东尼奥联盟和该尾已经获得了AFT的资助 第三轮创新资助.


一个小男孩和一个小女孩在看一个水瓶风车. 文字:返回,恢复,重新想象

赠款, 旨在帮助当地工会“回归”, 恢复, 和重新定义,“总计200美元,这一轮在全国范围内是五千美元, 自大流行开始以来已投资100多万美元. 该尾’s grant will supply culturally responsive books for all Title I schools in Northside ISD and create a professional development training in culturally responsive pedagogy. The San Antonio Alliance’s grant will expand culturally responsive professional development by piloting a youth participatory action research component, 让教育者参与以社区为中心的文化项目.


Local union member testifies at nation’s Capitol on special education funding

该尾’s Melina Espiritu-Azocar traveled to Washington DC on Tuesday to testify on how historic underfunding of the the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) has impacted students with disabilities. 圣灵- azcar加入了其他几个组织来推广 “履行承诺,” an initiative to fully fund IDEA and ensure all children have access to special education services.